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Removing nail varnish from carpets


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My children discovered my nail varnish the other day and decided to try and paint their nails.  When I say nails, what I actually mean is the whole tops of their fingers and toes.  This resulted in lots of (dark purple)  nail varnish smudges all over our pale beige carpet.

I too had a nail varnish incident myself a few months before. I dropped a globule of it (dark plum coloured this time) on the aforementioned carpet and thought that nail polish remover would swiftly remove the offending blob.  I was wrong! It just spread the stain around and has left a permanent pink patch – DON’T USE NAIL VARNISH REMOVER!

I looked online and discovered that people were suggesting using window cleaner to remove nail varnish so thought I would give it a go, not really thinking it would work.  But it does! I used the green stuff  ‘Mr Muscle Window and Glass’ cleaner (it loves the jobs you hate, apparently).  I had to use a good amount, on a clean, white cloth and with a fair amount of rubbing it has removed it without a trace.  Who knew?


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